Although still not remotely tall enough to make the enormous trellis a necessity, the Japanese cucumbers are blooming and fruiting. Hopefully the actual fruit will grow larger than the Barbie-size it is now. 


Also making their presence  known, BLUE LAKE GREENS BEANS!  We bought bush plants because we thought we wouldn't be able to build a large structure the trellis type need  (this was pre-foot vs. inches debacle.) So we weren't sure how/if they would work, but working they clearly are! 


And finally rounding-out the new veggie round-up a good looking tomato, actually about a dozen tomatoes are forming on our deck plant. They seem to have reached their predicted size, but are taking forever to ripen, must not be quite hot enough  for the plant, despite the nursery labeling it a "San Francisco Fog" varietal.  Which is weird because it is WAY WAY WAY hotter in Berkeley than SF, so not sure this so called 'fog' plant would survive at all in the climate for which it is named. Go figure.


Sometimes I think the idea that planting natives and only natives in your garden is the morally 'right' thing to do is total bullshit. I mean as long as I am not planting invasive plants like Ivy or Bamboo or Acaia Trees why do I have to stick to natives? Most natives in Northern California are thistle-y or in the 'grasses' category.


BUT, even I have to admit this  purple pincushion I planted last year is pretty awesome, and it's native, and the butterflies really dig it!  So we are keeping it, and I just might be inspired to try a few more 'native' plants this year!

Ps. are you impressed with my live action wildlife shot? I couldn't believe I caught it, wildlife is so not usually my thing.

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Did you guys know that asparagus erupts out of the ground fully formed?


Me neither! But that is how it is growing. We've had about 15 spears come up this season and it's been pretty amazing. For anyone in Northern California that is looking for something cool to put in their garden this is definitely it.  

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But seriously....


This structure is in no way massively overkill for the teeny tiny 2” high cucumber plants I bought.  Speaking of which yesterday I discovered that I do not know the difference between feet and inches. ( “  or ‘ )  Which is why Simon had to build this huge structure.  I picked up the cucumber plants and thought it said “Plant 6 inches a partwhen what it actually said was “Plant 6’ a part.” 

The means feet not inches apparently. I hate math.

And so these tiny plants can not go in a wine barrel like I had planned, instead they go in the ground on an enormous wooden structure that looks like a cross between a giant loom and a hangman’s gallows. Is it dominating the yard? Yes. Is it kinda ugly? Yes. WIll it inevitably  piss off Bertie?  Yes.

And so it stays. 

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