But seriously....


This structure is in no way massively overkill for the teeny tiny 2” high cucumber plants I bought.  Speaking of which yesterday I discovered that I do not know the difference between feet and inches. ( “  or ‘ )  Which is why Simon had to build this huge structure.  I picked up the cucumber plants and thought it said “Plant 6 inches a partwhen what it actually said was “Plant 6’ a part.” 

The means feet not inches apparently. I hate math.

And so these tiny plants can not go in a wine barrel like I had planned, instead they go in the ground on an enormous wooden structure that looks like a cross between a giant loom and a hangman’s gallows. Is it dominating the yard? Yes. Is it kinda ugly? Yes. WIll it inevitably  piss off Bertie?  Yes.

And so it stays. 

AuthorCynthia Anderson
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