I bought theses pots at Home Depot over a year ago...

blue planters.jpg

Cute right? They look fab on the deck here's another photo of them I took via instagram:


They are so bright and pretty,  I just love them.  The trouble is, I want one or two more and I can't find them ANYWHERE.  Every garden /outdoor store on earth seems to now only carry things in ugly ass maroon, forest green or fake natural colors like "terra cotta" and "weathered stone."

Who wants fake weathered stone planters anyway? Are we building a faux Tuscan villa in Vegas? NO.

We live in a tiny 1940's cottage in Berkeley, we need cute non-faux stone pots. Any ideas where I can find some? Should I just buy the ugly pots and paint them? If yes, with what paint?

I need help people, this situation is urgent and pressing!

AuthorCynthia Anderson