I was tired of battling all the wild blackberry in our garden that mostly comes from the neighbor's yard behind us. The neighbors don't do any gardening whatsoever and have monster 8' high!*  bushes that spill over the fence into the area behind our shed.


So I decided to just train those suckers up on a trellis! So far it looks like we have a few pints of berries coming, with tons more flowers on the way. YAY!

Here is another shot, that is less pretty, but gives a better idea of how many berries we have coming: 


And these are only a small portion of what's really there. ( it's just the sections that I could somewhat attractively capture in the frame.)  Thankfully I have Simon around to bake a pie later this summer when they are ripe. I'm a terrible baker, but I LOVE pie.


*see how I totally just used the right mark for feet- I'm learning!!